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Tamil Telugu Malayali and Kanada Bride and Groom meet here.

I registered as Bride / Groom but its not visible why?
A. Your bio data will be viewed by our team and will be approved for display. If your entries are not complete or appears like fake, then you may not be approved. Still if you feel some mistake happened on our side, please send mail to support@vivagam.com.
Q. I want to send my photo to be password protected and displayed in the site. will you keep it safe and return the photo to me?
A. Sure. We can assure you that. We will safely resend the photo back to you once it is scanned and uploaded in the site.

Can I display more than one photo and password protect it ?.
A. Yes we can. You need to pay Rs.50/- for every additional photo you display.

Q. How do you say that you protect our privacy and how can we believe that you will not reveal our address and phone numbers?
A. Because we do not ask you to give address or phone numbers during registration.

Q. I do not mind to reveal my address and I want to display an advertisement of my bio data in your site. Is it possible?
A. Yes. If you do not mind people contacting you directly, we do not mind and such ads in our site. You will be given a banner and it will be linked to a page where we will be displaying your advertisement matter.

Q. My caste is not there in the list you have given and I gave some other caste and registered what do i do now?
A. Please send this matter as mail to support@vivagam.com and ensure to send your profile id. Also mention your caste. We will ensure it is included. Thereafter we will intimate you so that you can register again. We will update your registration.

Q. I contacted one user by mail and he/she seem to be taking time to reply. Can you contact him/her by phone and ask them to reply me?
A. No. We do not have contact numbers of any users. sorry.

Q. How do I know the 10porutham you are showing is correct?
A. The software is developed by referring several books and it has gone for several corrections for the past years. Now we are sure it shows the correct matches. We still welcome your comments. Mail us at support@vivagam.com

Q. How do you say that the bio data are new ones?
A. We have deleted about 2500 old bio datas for these three years we are functional. You can check the validity of bio data by checking the POSTED ON date in every bio data. We delete the bio datas every 3 months once their membership expires.

Q. Will you delete my bio data without informing me?
A. No. We will first send you a message asking you to renew your membership. If you do not respond even after 3 reminders we will take it as you are married and no more interested in the membership and we will delete the bio data.

If your question is not answered here, please send mail to support@vivagam.com


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