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Welcome to Vivagam.com a SOUTH INDIAN Matrimonial website catering to Tamil, Telugu, Malayali and Kannada brides and grooms from all castes and religions for the past 3 years. The site has been upgraded and developed keeping in mind the various minute details you expect and want to know about your future partner. All the bio data in this site are just few months old.If you have not found the right person today, SIGN UP now so that you can be found by them tomorrow. We are sure that you will find the right suitable bride or groom at vivagam.com 
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Marriages are made in heaven. But to find a suitable match on earth is a tremendous task. The main reason for this difficulty is communication. The information about brides and grooms are not available in the place where it is easily reachable by anybody at their own time, own place and from any part of the world.

The information about the brides and grooms are either conveyed to the close circle of people who are busy with their own problems, It is mostly in the memory of parents or it is registered in an agency where it safely resides in a file. Some information is registered in a religious establishment which has so many other activities and they don't have time spend on the Matrimonial data.

Hence Vivagam.com came forward to use the technology to bring together the Tamil Telugu Malayali and Kannada brides and grooms in a place and display their bio data without revealing private information (We do not reveal your address or phone number, for that matter we do not even collect it from you.)

Vivagam caters to those searching for a bride and groom especially the Tamil bride , Tamil groom , Kannada bride , Kannada groom , Malayali bride , Malayali groom , Telugu bride , Telugu groom .

We intend to focus more on south India first so that we will be able to serve the south Indian bride and south Indian groom better and then slowly spread our services to other parts of India and countries. Of course we welcome other Indian girls and boys from all other states of India and those who are living outside India to use our services.

Thirumanam, Kalyanam, Vivaham, Vivagam all these words describe how marriage is an extremely powerful ritual that bring friends and families together. Marriage is called an university and is essential for the good of the larger society.

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